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Queen Khadijah
Actress/ Model/ Poet

Her Quest to please                 Michelle                      Tibsen Entertainment
Ran$um Games                        Angela                        HawkFilmz Enterprize
Juke City Stacy’s                   Mom                           Noble Street Media
My Phamily Barbecue                 Carol                         Maverick Entertainment 

BOSS                                 Extra                        Atmosphere Casting
You & Me this Morning                Poet                         WCIU the U
Bobby Jones Gospel Presents          Poet                         The Word Network

Stage Plays
Broken Windows                       Georgee Duboise              Cassandra Bell Studios
My Brotha I apologize                Joyce                        Shy Fox Productions
The Bachelor's Pad                   Kayla                        Good Drama World Productions
Pink October                         Mrs. Green                   Mid-August Publishing
Trying to pay the bills              Denise                       Plus size Productions
Other Side of the Game               Delia                        Firahs B. Productions
Love the Hurt away                   Ms. Thomas                   J. Ruffin Entertainment
God’s Trombones                      Mary Magdalene               The Progressive Drama Guild

Print / Fashion
Pink/everyday thing                 Print Model                  Luster’s Hair Care
Big Girl Cosmetics                  Runway Model                 828 Designs
Good 2 Gro                          Print Model                  Grayson Development
Tide Detergent                      Print Model                  Burrell Ad Agency
Chicago Music Awards                Presentation Model           Chicago Music Awards
House of Blues-Catwalk on Fire      Runway Model                 House of Duvall
Soft-Sheen Carson Runway/Trade      Model                        Soft-Sheen Carson

Billy the Exterminator              Extra                        A&E
How Sweet the Sound                 Praise Dancer                Verizon Wireless
Dusty’s/ Kenny’s Ribs               Diner                        Comcast Cable
Mercedes Benz                       Extra                        Merkley & Partners

Right or Wrong/Eric Roberson      Girlfriend                     Impakt Studio
You Saved Me/R. Kelly             Extra                          Sharon King Casting
So Sexy Twista & R.Kelly          Extra                          Sharon King Casting